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Parent/Carer Letter (25/09/2020)

25-09-2020 - Parent/Carer Letter

Parent/Carer Letter (21/09/2020)

21-09-2020 - Parent/Carer Letter

Year 7 Pastoral Evening Letter (21/09/2020)

21-09-2020 - Year 7 Pastoral Evening Letter

Parent/Carer Letter (09/09/2020)

09092020 - Parent/Carer Letter


Online Payments 07/09/2020  (Year 7 and new Students):

Unfortunately the link codes for Online Payments for new students are not available at the moment. A letter with a Link Code will be sent within the next few weeks. For the time being could students please bring cash for food.


 CLT Parent Letter (02/09/2020)

CLT Parent Letter - 02/09/20


 September Opening:

Students should arrive no earlier than 8.20am and students should arrive no later than 8.30am.

No student can enter the building before 8.30am.

All students will line up in their designated zones:

Year 11 – Enter using the path by 1610 and the Mars fire exits/external doors

Year 10 – Enter using the path by 1610 and the Neptune fire exits/external doors

Year 9 – Enter through Main Reception, going up the main stairs to the top of Venus

Year 8 – Enter through the gate by the bike sheds and the Venus fire exits/external doors

Year 7 – Enter through the gate by the bike sheds, line up in Tutor Groups outside Jupiter

Students will use hand sanitiser to disinfect their hands.


The end of the day will be staggered. All students will leave between 2:50pm and 3:00pm.

 A reminder for years 8 and 9 to bring in their old Knowledge Organisers on Monday, Year 7 will have new ones given to them on Monday. 


 Information Letter (26/08/2020)

26082020 - Information Letter

 Congratulations to our Year 11 Leavers for 2020! 

Well done to all our Year 11 students who received their Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) today.  In what has been a hugely testing time, students, parents, carers and staff should celebrate some excellent results due to their hard work and commitment over 5 years at Chilton Trinity School. 

Irrespective of the unprecedented and unusual circumstances, all students should be proud of their achievements and should continue to strive for excellence in whatever pathway they choose.

On behalf of the entire school community, I congratulate our amazing students on their achievements. Some students will be disappointed, but this year’s results reflect the hard work, ambition and resilience students have shown over their time at Chilton Trinity School.  We will, as always, look to build on this success and strive to provide the best possible education that our students deserve.


Information about GCSE Results Day 2020

19082020 - Year 11 Parent-Carer Letter 

Update from Chilton Trinity - Sept 2020 (15/07/2020)

Letter to All Parent/Carers - Sept 2020 15.07.20

Update from CLT (15/07/2020)

COVID-19 CLT Update Letter 15.07.20

Update from Chilton Trinity (10/07/2020)

Letter to All Parent/Carers 10.07.20

Update from Chilton Trinity (09/07/2020)

All Year Parent/Carer Letter 09.07.20


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