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Business Studies


Would you like to start your own business one day?  Do you have a business idea that could rock the world and earn you millions?  Would you like to be the next Apprentice or go on Dragon’s Den?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then maybe Business at Chilton Trinity is for you.

This course is designed as a practical and motivational introduction to the business sector.  It will introduce key concepts such as administration, finance and marketing, as well as help pupils their own skills in communication, flexibility and team work.

We follow the BTEC syllabus, where pupils complete a number of units over three years to complete a level 2 qualification.  This will lead well to further qualifications in this area as well as prepare pupils for the world of work.


Personalisation Stage

Level 2 BTEC First Award in Business

KS4 Examination Board: Edexcel

What will I learn?

You will study four units of work. 1) Enterprise in the Business World 2) Finance for Business 3) Promoting a Brand Recruitment and 4) Selection and Employment. These units combined will provide you with a good foundation of business knowledge to allow for further study, your steps into the world of work or for you to start a business. You will be expected to complete 2 hours of extra study each fortnight, completing back-ground research or practice activities, as required. This is similar to other Key Stage 4 subjects’ expectations.


How will I be assessed?

Finance for Business will be assessed in the form of an examination set by the exam board and marked externally. This is a quarter of the course and is compulsory. The examination will take place at the end of Year 11. The three remaining units will be assessed through course work from which you will build up 30 credits as you work through the units. These are marked internally, but are checked by other teachers and by an examiner, through random selection.

Subject Summary


Exam board

Written Exam

Other Assessment

Level 1/2

GCSE grades G to A*





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