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"Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success."


- Dr. Joyce Brothers)


This course is a study of the amazing world of human behaviour and will encourage pupils to view topics from a range of perspectives. Psychology is one of the fastest growing disciplines due to its sheer diversity and our fascination with our own actions and those of others. It provides a firm base for a range of A-Level courses and career options.


Miss Michelle Hewitt
Team Leader for Psychology


Personalisation Stage

GCSE Psychology

KS4 Examination Board and Syllabus No: AQA (4180)

KS4 Course Outline

Unit 1 ( 4181): Making sense of other people (memory/ non-verbal communication/ development of personality/ stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination/ research methods)

Unit 2 (4182): Understanding other people (Learning/ social influence/ sex and gender/ aggression/ research methods)

KS4 Assessment Details

100% exam at the end of year 11
50% = Unit 1: Making sense of other people
50% = Unit 2: Understanding other people

How Will Students Learn?

Group/paired/individual tasks to build knowledge and understanding in an interactive way.
The opportunity to plan and carry out their own piece of Psychological research in years 10 and 11.

Other Skills They Will Develop:

Communication will be essential as will organisation and a willing to work independently.

KS4 Homework

One formal homework each week and on-going revision for end of unit tests throughout the course.

Extra Opportunities

  • Drop-in session Thursday week 1 – 1.30-2.00
  • After school sessions in the run up to exams
  • Easter revision for YR11

Specific Gifted and Talented Programmes

Extension tasks embedded into lessons each week

KS4 Useful Publications/Websites

Career Opportunities:

A firm foundation for moving on to A-Level Psychology.

Could be applied to virtually every career going as an awareness of people and how they behave is essential. Anything from teaching, to working in your local supermarket could be helped by these skills and understanding of human behaviour.

KS4 How can you support your son/daughter’s progress?

Revision cards and a small wallet or folder to keep them in would be a fantastic investment. Encouraging revision little and often rather than trying to remember each case study in the last week before the exam!

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