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Media is an innovative and creative subject taught through English lessons in Foundation Stage and as an optional GCSE subject in Personalised Stage. Our aim is to produce students who are skilled and knowledgeable about the world of Media in which they live.

Media Studies is important because of the enormous influence that all types of Media have on our lives. The growth of the Media has been phenomenal in the last hundred years, controlling and presenting information to the public in so many different formats, it is an industry that employs around one million people in the UK and is important both for the national economy and the job market.

The influence and speed of the Media affects politics, the economy, and of course our daily lives.

The current specification (detailed below) will run until the final exam in the summer of 2017, with the new course starting in September 2017.



GCSE Media Studies

Examination Board: EDUQAS (Previously WJEC)

What will I learn?

In addition to helping students acquire subject knowledge, the subject aims to:

  • analyse media products and their various contexts through key media concepts
  • combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills; decoding and creating different media forms
  • develop a critical understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the media in daily life
  • develop critical thinking and decision-making skills

How will I be assessed?

To achieve a GCSE qualification, students must complete controlled assessments and an examination involving both practical and analytical skills in a variety of media. The course is assessed by examination (40%) and by work internally assessed and externally moderated (60%).

Subject Summary


Exam board

Written Exam

Other Assessment



Unit 1: Investigating Media - Written exam - 40%

External assessment, external moderated

Section A: Tests students' knowledge and understanding of a specific form of media.

Section B: Creative tasks relating to a related form of media.

Unit 2: Understanding Media - 3 Controlled assessments - 60%

Internal assessment, externally moderated

Two assignments investigating different Media, as well as one practical production with an evaluation.


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