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Sports Report - Year 10 Rounders

Year 10 travelled to Robert Blake for their second tournament of the season. Hoping to get there quickly and play the hosts didn't pay off and we got put on first against Haygrove without a warm up game to get focussed.

Batting first didn't pay off for us this time. Morgen was out on her first attempt on ball two which didn't bode well for the rest of the innings. Failure to hit the next 7 balls, followed by 4 outs wasn't looking good. However, we scored two cracking rounders which went onto the adjacent pitch, a sneaky half and then Haygrove donated half a rounder on ball 20 from two no balls. A paltry 3.

Haygrove got off to a roaring start by scoring as fantastic rounder from the first ball, a rounder off the second (no ball) but their third player was bowled and caught by Summer's quick reactions in the bowling box as the ball hurtled towards her face. Fantastic catches followed from Jodi, Morgen and Abi eliminating some of Haygrove's valuable players. Haygrove were drawing with us until ball 14 where they scored a half to seal the win. Summer bowled two no balls (sad face!) and a fantastic rounder was scored on ball 20 giving Haygrove the win. 5-3  GRRR!

Game two was against Blake. Batting first saw us score only 4.5 rounders, nothing amazing really and a fairly low score. We had seen some awesome hits from their players from the other pitch so were keen to field well, but Blake were unable to connect with Summer's bowling. Abi made the catch of the season so far, sprinting in from 4th deep to make a catch on the run down by her ankles. Brilliant. Fabulous fielding from Lemmy, Morgen and Jodi into Heloise at 2nd saw 3 more batters out and on the final ball Summer fielded the ball quickly after bowling to run their last player out at first. A win for Chilton 4.5-0.5 Hooray.

Game three against King Alfs saw us scoring left, right and centre, we were walloping everything that was thrown at us. KAS weren't very fast at picking up the ball in the field and we used this to our advantage. Morgen(1), Lemmy(3.5), Phoebe(2), Jodi(2), Kaiti(1.5) and Summer(1.5) all contributed to our score of 11.

KAS scored a belter of a rounder on their first hit and Chilton fielded exceptionally well to force the runner to panic, only just getting in at 4th. They were unable to make contact with the ball and Chilton held them to only two more half rounders. Another win for us 11-2.

Game 4 was a far more difficult opposition. BCA fielded tightly to only allow us to squeak one whole rounder from Jodi. The rest of the score was made up of halves, coming from Phoebe, Morgen, Lemmy, Summer Kaiti, and Jodi, bringing our total to 5.

BCA were out for the win but tight fielding and not particularly wise running choices made by BCA saw 3 of their players out by ball 6. We donated half a rounder to them from two consecutive no balls to the same player and gave away another half for obstruction at 4th. Morgen and Phoebe made fantastic catches to get rid of two BCA players. Another win for us, but pretty close, 5-4.

A well contested evening, enjoyable to watch and umpire. Great to see the girls using their skills and tactics so well together and really working as a team. Good job girls.

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