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Sports Report - Year 9 Rounders

We hosted the second year 9 tournament due to Robert Blake not being able to get a team together.

Chilton's nemesis Haygrove were the first to arrive so after a good 20 minutes of quality hitting, fielding and a positive team talk we opted to bat first. Our batting left a lot to be desired in the game (it had been brilliant in the practice!) we couldn't make any ground with the connections of ball on bat, only scoring two halves in the first 10 balls. Morgan found a half and finally Ewelina belted a cracking hit almost to the long jump pit from the right hand fence, but needed all of the time to get around the diamond as she decided to do a demonstration of Bambi on ice, blindfolded with roller skates on and rolled around on the grass by second for a few moments before continuing her run to fourth base. Funny for us to watch but not so much for Ewelina whose arm hurt more than her pride on this occasion. Morgan scored another half and Ewelina battled through her pain to belt another ball into space, but was caught out. A low score of 3.

Morgan was tough on the Haygrove batters, taking no prisioners with her lightning speed bowling. (Poor Jess had bruised hands and shins from being backstop) Haygrove only managed two halfs in the first 10 balls. Jazz , Morgan and Angeline made great catches and Chilton made sensible fielding decisions. Haygrove were drawing with us right up until ball 19 where we made a fielding mistake to enable Haygrove to take the win 4-3 (sad face)

King Alfs played Haygrove and lost, so we knew we stood a good chance of scoring lots against them. Ferne 0.5, Angeline 1, Ewelina 1, Morgan 1.5, Elana 1.5, Vicky 1 and Charlotte 0.5 all scored in the first 10 balls which was a great first half, Alice, Jazz, Jess, and Aimee scored in the second half of the innings, taking our total to a staggering 12.5.

KAS weren't able to connect with Morgans bowling consistently, only scoring one whole rounder and 4 halves. Morgan made two great catches and stumped a KAS player out at 4th. A fab win for Chilton 12.5-3.

A great afternoon spent with the year 9 lovelies. Again, absolutely great watching them play the game so well and using tactics we have learned in lessons and at practice instinctively. This is what makes it all worthwhile.

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